Accelerate your plans for fossil-free transport

£1.8 billion invested in infrastructure and grants to accelerate the uptake.

By 2030, the UK will ban fossil fuel powered vehicles to help speed up the reduction in transport-related carbon emissions*.


Is your business ready?


As the demand for EV charge points increases, businesses will need to ensure they have the infrastructure in place for their clients and employees. 


EVs are one of those big disruption changes that if embedded early, provide many new opportunities for business. 

*UK Government Green plan - November 2020

Plan it Zero with your EV partner:

Nationwide coverage provided via our EV Installer Partners to ensure your EV network is fully operational.

Fully funded charge points - depending on location, footfall and business type.

Grants available - our specialists keep track of all grants providing financial aid to your projects.



It's more than just selecting the right charge points - it's an investment that can reap multiple rewards if planned and delivered correctly.

Initial assessment: we determine the best EV solution for your business, including taking advantage of available grants.

Project planning: we manage equipment installation, site upgrades and meter/supply contracting so there are no surprises.

Network management: with the option for day+1 reporting and supportive tenant recharging services to enable a revenue stream.

Five key considerations when choosing a charge point for your business:

  1. The location of the charge points and the power supply capacity available.

  2. The speed of charge you need to offer people.

  3. How you want to control access to the charge points.

  4. What reporting requirements you have.

  5. If you want to charge people to use the charge points, or offer its use for free.

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For businesses planning EV infrastructure, energy storage will help to future proof against rising energy costs by allowing you to store cheaper off-peak electricity and using this stored energy at times when grid prices are high.

Energy storage also harnesses the power of green technology increasing self-consumption by up to 80% for Solar, Wind and Hydro.


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Install & commission

Ongoing monitoring & targeting

Service & maintenance

Design & approve

Site feasibility & investment-grade proposal

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Technology assessment