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Building Energy Management System

Intelligent and adaptive buildings.

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Control Automation are essential for facilities managers who need to keep their buildings running their best. 

BEMS provide the means to monitor and control lighting, temperature, air flow and other aspects and play a major part in energy efficiency and occupant health and wellbeing.

Plan it Zero to benefit your site controls and occupants!

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Reduce operating costs

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Improve energy efficiency

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Meet your Net Zero targets

Control and automation

Remote monitoring, control and automation help highlight problems and drive down excess costs.

Fully integrated with single sign-on

Provides easy real-time remote monitoring and integrated control management for multiple sites.

Monitors all your energy-related systems

For plant equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and onsite generation.

Customised alerts

Receive email or text alerts when thresholds are breached so that you can act quickly to resolve problems and minimise operational or cost impacts.

Active asset management

We optimise and monitor the performance of your BEMS.


A good BEMS will help you:

  1. Know about your problems as they arise so that interruptions to operations are minimised.

  2. Drive down energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions helping you towards your Net Zero goals. 

  3. Give you insights into the ongoing and long-term equipment performance and provide justification for further efficiency investments.

  4. Identify poorly performing equipment meaning you can intervene and make plans before failure occurs. 

  5. Maintain a good environment for occupants resulting in better health and wellbeing.

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Install & commission

Ongoing monitoring & targeting

Service & maintenance

Design & approve

Site feasibility & investment-grade proposal

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Technology assessment